WBC insures injuries during tournament

World Baseball Classic WBCIn a post to his blog for FOX Sports, Ken Rosenthal says the World Baseball Classic now has insurance against injured players which pays their salaries if they are placed on the disabled list.

For instance, the WBC is paying Hanley Ramirez’s entire salary while he recovers from thumb surgery resulting from an injury he sustained in the championship round.

“Once he misses at least 30 days, his salary for the lost time will be covered in full, no matter how long he is out,” Rosenthal explains.

In the case of David Wright’s strained intercostal muscle, Rosenthal says if he is ready for the start of the season but re-injures himself within a set time period, the WBC will cover a portion of his $11 million salary.

Rosenthal says the WBC did not have this insurance prior to the 2013 tournament.

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