RA Dickey's more traditional, slower knuckleball

RA Dickey’s third, much-slower knuckleball is confusing his teammates. The pitch behaves like a circle-change, in that it just dies on the corner of the plate, which, Dickey told me, is exactly what he’s hoping will happen.

It’s incredibly deceiving when compared to his other, more fast versions. He said he used it about four or five times last season, but with ‘limited success.’ This year, he’d like to be able to use it more during games. However, he added, “The key is I can’t overexpose it,” and to only throw it when it works in the flow of the game.

I watched Fernando Martinez nearly fall over, lunging at it, but he never swung the bat, that’s how misleading it can be. In fact, in general, it’s most fun watching the hitter react when he’s pitching, because their body language gives it all away.

I was able to get up close to the cage, and watch him pitch to Angel Pagan about as close as you can get without actually being in the batter’s box – here is a quick, :30 second clip of where I was sitting: