Note: JJ Putz is a Character

Last night on SNY’s Mets Hot Stove live from Duffy’s in St. Lucie, Kevin Burkhardt talked with Mets set-up men Sean Green and J.J. Putz.

the two clearly have a sense of humor and a good rapport with one another from their days in Seattle… at the same time, they both want the ball, and they both want to win

To watch Green and Putz talking with Burkhardt, click here.

Putz is infamous for sneaking up on teammates and hitting them in the face, on air, in the final moments of an interview, with a shaving cream pie.

In the show’s final moments last night, Putz sneaked back on set to slam Burkhardt in the face with his signature pie, which you can watch by clicking play below:

excellent… you asked him about it one too many times, kevin that’s awesome, man… you should be honored

the Mets were well aware of putz’s way, his attitude in the clubhouse, the way he keeps people loose and having fun, and it’s a big reason why he was acquired, because he it is believed he can have a positive impact on the clubhouse for a team that is often tight when playing under pressure

…i don’t know that he’s the new Roger McDowell, but he’s close


I don't know whether this is good or bad news haha. To me it just means an uninterested ownership group has to stick around longer which as a fan is not really a positive. However, I'm happy the NBA has blown the door on this get rich quick scheme which would have allowed prok to cash in for a billion on a losing franchise, while then collecting huge dividend s through ownership of the arena for the next 37 years. Owning the area at this point is far more profitable than owning the team. Shrewd business thinking on proks part but glad the nba picked up on it.

Another thing is that if prok is forced to sells both stakes in the arena and team his potential suitors may be limited given that new Jason kidd or Jay z minority share rule. How many ownership groups are there walking around with 2 billion dollars to spend? Remember the clippers got 1 billion for the team so add in the arena and that figure would be much higher. Just saying.