Video: The Shea Stadium Scoreboard is No More

The following video, sent in from a reader of, is of the scoreboard at Shea Stadium being knocked to the ground, and, I will not lie, it is sad and surreal to see:

Ouch…now that is a collapse.

Anyway, to move forward, and get a look at the infield, seats, locker room, among other places, in Citi Field, click here.

thanks to the great Metsiac for the link

Michael Frias
Michael Frias

I'll be the first to admit that I HATED Paul Pierce while he was on Boston.  Absolutely HATED him.

But I can't help but love what he's done for this Brooklyn team this season.

Everytime he hits a big shot and I cheer, my wife gives me crap about it.  "Still hate him?"  She'll constantly ask me.  She even threatened to buy me a "TRUTH" jersey for my birthday.