Starting Pitcher: Pedro is on the Back Burner

Yesterday, during a conference call with reporters, Omar Minaya suggested the Mets will only look to sign free-agent Pedro Martinez if he is unable to acquire free-agent RHP Derek Lowe or Oliver Perez, adding:

“Pedro’s one of the guys that is still under consideration – but right now, the way it is, we’re dealing with some other guys… Is he an option?  He’s in the pool – but that’s where he falls right now.  We’re in a position that, with the guys that are out there, the guys we are looking at, if we add one of those guys on the list, we feel real good going into the year.”

…i believe pedro can find more than a minor-league contract…and so, if the Mets end up with either Derek Lowe, Randy Wolf or Oliver Perez, i just don’t see how pedro fits in…i know omar has a great respect, appreciation and loyalty to pedro, but with Tim Redding and Jon Niese in the mix, there is no reason to sign pedro to a guaranteed deal…

…here’s the thing, if the Mets lose out on lowe and perez, they HAVE TO consider Ben Sheets…they have to…i know he has a history of injury, and there are league-wide concerns about his shoulder and elbow, but, if he’s looking at a one– or two-year deal, he has GOT TO BE an option…the guy can be an ace when healthy

In 31 starts for the Brewers last season, Sheets was 13–9 with a 3.09 ERA in 198 innings pitched, during which opponents hit .241 and struck out 158 times.

…the buzz in baseball continues to link sheets and the Rangers, and maybe the Brewers, though no offers are on the table