Read: Nelson Figueroa is Upset

In an honest and emotional post to their family blog, here, Nelson Figueroa’s wife, Alisa, explains the ins and outs, emotionally, mentally and logistically, of the team’s decision to designate her husband for assignment, writing:

“Nelson is upset. He did what is asked of any starting pitcher in baseball – he gave them a quality start and kept them in the game… He expected more than 1 day in the big leagues this time around.”

…it did come out of no place… i mean, i think most people felt he would stick around as the team’s long man… then, bam, dfa’d in favor of Casey Fossum… i like nelson, he seems like a good guy, but he’s also a good pitcher, who i think can bring a lot to the table as a middle reliever, spot starter and long man – if given a chance… hopefully he clears and ends up back in Triple-A for the Mets, because he will almost certainly get the call again to help the 25–man roster later in the season

Speaking of Figueroa, go here to watch a video clip of an interview he did prior to his weekend start for the Mets.