Quote: NL East Hates the Mets

In a report for the Daily News, Bill Madden quotes Phillies GM Pat Gillick as saying:

“If you want to know the best thing we had going for us this year, it was the fact that all the other teams in our division hated the Mets’ guts.  It started with Atlanta and all the hostility they had with the Mets through the years.  Then Fredi Gonzalez left Bobby Cox to manage the Marlins and he didn’t forget everything that went on between the Braves and Mets.  Look what Florida did for us the past two years… Washington doesn’t like them very much either, and all those teams seemed to really get up for the Mets.”

This is the same irrational idea that we heard on the final weekend of 2007, when print journalists and talk-show hosts said, ‘Lastings Milledge woke up the Marlins.’  As if Florida had been a great team all season, but had been sleep walking and losing, and needed Milledge to wake them up in order for them to realize their potential.  Give me a break?

Correct me if I am wrong, but the 1986 Mets won a World Series, not Miss Congeniality, right?

So, does this mean the Mets can now only win if teams love them?  What does that even mean?

Seriously, who cares if teams hate the Mets?

Hey, how about the Mets just play better baseball and win on their own effort, and not spend time worrying about what other people think of them.  How about that?  How about, instead of backing down, the Mets fight back.