Note: The Mets, Draft and Slotting

In a recent chat for Baseball America, Jim Callis wrote that, while the Mets are financially capable of spending as much as any other team in baseball, it appears they will ‘stick to slotting’ once again in 2008.

At Hot Foot, Anthony De Rosa swaps e-mails with Callis in an effort to understand why the Mets will do this, after which he is left ‘scratching his head.’

For more on the ‘slotting system,’ check out Baseball Prospectus (scroll down) and Baseball America.

Callis has written this about the Mets before, as has Keith Law from

The thing is, according to people connected to the Mets, and those would dictate this policy, the sense I get is the opposite.

However, I also trust Callis and Law, who are among the best at what they do.

It makes me wonder if the Mets are sending mixed signals as they approach the draft, knowing there is no way to predict exactly what will happen, all while they also try to make nice with the Commisioner’s Office as they work to host an All Star Game in Citi Field, among other things.

What do I know is that, thanks to a bevy of free agent signings and trades from the last few years, and a rapidly changing baseball economy, the Mets need to make out like bandits during this year’s draft – and adhering to the slotting system may hurt such a goal.

In other words, speaking as a fan, I would rather the Mets draft a potential ace than host an All Star Game.

This year’s Draft will take place in Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, on Thursday, June 5 at 2 pm through 9 pm, and will continue the next day starting at 11:30 am.

ESPN 2 will televise the first four hours of the draft.

Jaden Comeaux
Jaden Comeaux

Notre Dame and South Carolina are the two biggest opponents on UConn's schedule this year. If you'd like to get a look at both of them before they play the huskies, you can if you have access to the big ten network, and SECHD channels.

Notre Dame plays Michigan State on Wednesday 11/19 at 7:00 pm ET on BTNHD (Big ten network)

South Carolina plays Clemson on Thurs 11/20 at 7:00 pm on SECHD. 

Jaden Comeaux
Jaden Comeaux

Don Porter, I echo your comments. Don't be surprised if Tuck becomes Geno's 6th man. I think that role would fit perfectly because of her versatility. No one else on the bench at this time can fill that role better than her. She can sub in for everyone except Jefferson. Geno will probably groom one of the freshmen to also perform 6th man chores, but this would be done during the course of the season. Tuck will have a MAJOR impact on the success of this year's campaign. Because Morgan came to Storrs with some lingering injuries from high school, we really haven't seen her  completely healthy yet. I know she's ready to get on the floor and make her debut for 2014. Sound the trumpets, here comes Morgan Tuck and her UConn Huskies. March on ladies.

Don Porter
Don Porter

Great work !   Morgan Tuck TRULY deserves to play uninjured for the rest of her career.  Morgan is VERY talented, hard working,experienced leader.  Congrats for your great attitude Morgan !