Note: Lo Duca on Figueroa, WFAN

Paul LoDuca was a surprise caller to WFAN this afternoon, and answered questions about his health, cheering from the dugout, his inclusion in the Mitchell Report, and other topics.

Lo Duca, on his team in-dugout cheerleading, and Nelson Figueroa’s reaction, while speaking to WFAN:

“I’m not a big fan of it to be honest with you…You know, we’re struggling.  Guys are just trying to have a little fun.  I think they saw Figueroa getting a little upset, so they amped it up a couple of notches.  I do think it’s a little bush league.  At first it started off as a little fun, until he got mad. I don’t agree with it.  But, also, Nelson Figueroa has nine wins in the big leagues and he needs to keep his mouth shut.”

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