News: Pedro to Have MRI This Morning

During the fourth inning of last night’s loss, Pedro Martinez limped off the field with what has been categorized as a strained left hamstring.

He will travel back to New York today for an MRI.

Willie Randolph told reporters after the game that expects Nelson Figueroa to replace Martinez on the roster, should he be moved to the disabled list.

that would be fine, though, depending on the severity of the injury, it may also make sense to entertain a free-agent, such as Claudio Vargas or Woody Williams

Randolph, talking to reporters after the game:

“We’ve dealt with injuries since I’ve been here and we have always picked each other up, and depending on where Pedro is, we’ll do the same thing.”

Billy Wagner, after the game:

“The guys have to step up…Resilience will have to be in our vocabulary as a baseball team, and we’re getting tested early…Until he gets back, we’ll have to rely on the other horses to pick it up and we’ll be fine.  It’s a tough situation for Petey.  He wants to come in and do well, and give our team a shot, and he did…He’ll be back, and all the world will be happy again…It just goes to show you, sometimes you need to eat more doughnuts and get fat. You can’t pull fat.”

In the Bergen Record, Bob Klapisch asks:

“Admit it, you knew this day was coming…You knew Pedro’s 36 years eventually would catch up with him. Only, who thought his reckoning would come after only 3 1/3 innings?”

According to Dan Graziano in the Star-Ledger, losing Martinez could be a major blow to this team’s mental strength.

Lastly, to hear from’ Buster Olney regarding Martinez’s injury, watch the following clip from ESPN’s Baseball Tonight: