News: Pedro out through May, June

According to Bart Hubbach in the New York Post, Pedro Martinez is expected to be out until at least the middle of May, and possibly into June.

rock on, Nelson Figueroa…stay alert, Claudio Vargas…hi, Orlando Hernandez…

Hubbach also provides a quote or two from Mets GM Omar Minaya regarding Martinez’s progress and the team’s overall performance.

Jaden Comeaux
Jaden Comeaux

While UConn is nixing things, I'd like to see them nix their affiliation with the AAC. UConn really needs to move to a more competitive conference. NONE of the other schoosl in the AAC have a snowball's chance of beating UConn, and they know it!!, C'mon UConn, swallow your pride and move on.

UConn is the only school in the top 17 NOT in a major conference. There are 4 in the top 25 that are not in a major conference: UConn, #18 Gonzaga (WCC), #22 Middle Tenn St (C-USA), #23 DePaul (Big East)