News: Mike Piazza Retires from MLB

According to the Associated Press, Mike Piazza has officially announced his retirement from MLB.

…good for you, mike…enjoy it…now, let the debate begin as to whether he should hit the Hall of Fame cap in a Mets hat or a Dodgers hat…

…of course, i’m thinking Mets…

In 2006, ran a poll in which 52 percent of the site’s readers said Piazza should wear a Dodgers cap when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame, while 41 percent noted that he should wear a Mets cap.

…more important than that, actually, is will they select a photo of him with the pencil-thin mustache and beard, or without it…

Meanwhile, according to the poll taken during the summer of 2006 by MetsBlog and Dodger Thoughts, the great Dodgers blog written by Jon Weisman, 82 percent of Dodger fans feel Piazza should enter the Hall of Fame wearing a Dodgers cap, while 96 percent of Mets fans feel he should wear a Mets hat.

…in other words, the fans are of no help here

Tom Glavine, regarding Piazza and the Hall of Fame, as quoted by the Daily News in 2007…

“The Mets are the team I identify him with. I know he came up as a Dodger, but he had more productive years with the Mets. He broke the home run record for catchers with the Mets. In the end he actually played more games as a Met than as a Dodger. When I think of Mike in his prime, more of those years he was a Met than a Dodger.”

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