News: K-Rod is Playing Winter Ball

According to El Universal, the Mets initially requested that Francisco Rodriguez refrain from playing in the Venezuelan Winter League.

However, Rodriguez’s agent talked to Mets GM Omar Minaya, and the two sides reached an understanding.

Rodriguez allowed one run and two hits in his first appearance this winter with Tiburones de La Guaira.

…from what i understand, it’s customary for veteran players under contract with MLB to rest a bit from the long season before jumping right in to Winter Ball… the Mets asked K-Rod to sit out, but he takes a lot of pride in playing for Tiburones de La Guaira, his contract with the Mets allows it, and so he’s playing

Rodriguez had four blown saves and a 6.75 ERA in 29 appearances during the second half of last season.

…i’ll be honest, his 2009 season worried me a bit… i mean, had he had that second-half and the team was good, look out… people would be slamming him right now… but, it was a lost season, and so he kind of got lost in the wreckage