Links: Doc, Holt, and Bobby Bo

At the blog Tornadic Activity, El Juglar recaps an interview he attended with Dwight Gooden yesterday, writing:

“The funniest moment of the night came when an audience member asked of the three distinct hair styles Doc sported during his career (close cut, flat top and jheri curl), which did he prefer. Doc thought about it and then said “definitely the flat top”.”

…just let your soul glo doc…

Eric Stashin at Gotham Baseball says that Brad Holt may be another Joba Chamberlain type player.

At NY Mets Report, John Delcos asks his readers the popular question, “What to do with Heilman?”.

For those of you who have been wondering what former Mets OF Darryl Hamilton has been up to, check out this article at the New York Times to find out more about baseball’s senior specialist for on-field operations.

Lastly, Eric Simon at Amazin’ Avenue continues his list of all-time Mets:

“#34 Bobby Bonilla: Whatever the perception of Bonilla the player, everyone wanted him and the Mets got him. He finished in the top three of the NL MVP voting in his final two years in Pittsburgh and was an All-Star in his final four seasons with the Pirates.”

…i was having such a good friday before recalling bobby bo memories, thanks eric…