inGame: Pedro Exits with Injury

During the fourth inning, Pedro Martinez limped off the field, gripping what appeared to be the top part of his left hamstring, as well as his inner thigh, which he injured on a pitch to Matt Treanor.

…good luck, Jorge Sosa

For what it’s worth, Orlando Hernandez will likely make his first rehab start Thursday.  He can not be activated until April 13.

Update9 pm

According to , Martinez has a strained left hamstring.

The team has not announced if he will go on the disabled list.

however, in my opinion, he will…i mean, how could he not

Update10 pm

Martinez told Kevin Burkhardt that he felt a pop in his hamstring, and that he will leave to have an MRI in the next day or so.

Gary Jacobson
Gary Jacobson

A team going quicker and harder to overpower les conditioned teams have long been q staple of most sports. If Diaco is concerned about his players becoming too tired to function, I suggest he implement a program to get them in better shape. The offense shouldn't be forced to slow down because the other team is tired.  Fast break football mirrors fast break basketball, and the team doing it of course is looking for an advantage... that they are in better shape than the defense.

What is fair in college football? Do all schools have equal access to the playoffs? To bowl games? Are all schools bringing in the same amount of revenue? Do they split up the recruits fairly and evenly?

How about when defenses confuse the offensive line with different looks and then send more players to blitz the QB than the OL is able to block? Is that fair? That strategy puts QB's at risk of injury and concussions. We've seen an increase in the number of concussions and the long term health problems that creates.

In this move to make everything "fair" is the NCAA going really make everything fair?

This doesn't make any sense. BYU rarely subs in players, so all 22 players on the field are affected equally. I agree that if the O subs, D should have a chance to also sub. That has always been the case and BYU anticipates this.


@Y4LYFE @vakaviti. I think there is a fairness issue. Defense has to be allowed to play. Game wasn't made to be played continuously.

Brett Hadley
Brett Hadley

Why should the officials affect the offenses pace? They are there to enforce the rules not dictate the pace.

Last I checked the offense and def nose experience the same pace... So where is the disadvantage?

Brett Hadley
Brett Hadley

Why should the officials dictate they pace? They are there to enforce the rules.

They ornery issue with your argument is that both teams are playing at the same pace... So where is the unfairness?

they still have to wait for the officials to set up the ball. The offense can't set the line and snap the ball until the officials do their thing.

Both teams are subjected to the same pace and get tired at the same rate. that is fair. When defenses want to slow down the pace they fake an injury or they pile on extra players after the tackle to slow things down. We've seen that for years.

Is Diaco and other defensive coaches going to promise not to blitz more players than the OL is capable of blocking so as not to expose the QB to an increased likelihood of injury or concussion? That is unfair too.

Are Defensive Backs going to discontinue the practice of holding WRs (they call it "handfighting") that get a step on them downfield? That is unfair and only an advantage for the defender.

If you're saying that offenses shouldn't be allowed to affect the officials pace, and teams aren't going to be allowed to hurry up the pace early in the game they shouldn't be then allowed to inside the last 2 minutes of a half or the game.

That would negate one of the most exciting aspects of a football game and negatively impact ratings, viewership and revenue.