eMailbag: Third-String C, and Mike Piazza

As noted earlier, Ramon Castro left yesterday’s game after tweaking the same right hamstring that had kept him out of action the previous week.

Castro told reporters that he didn’t pull ‘nothing,’ and that the hamstring stopped hurting as soon as he stopped running.

He is scheduled to have an MRI today.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Willie Randolph told reporters that Brian Schneider might not play until Wednesday.

Schneider has also been bothered by a tight hamstring.

Yesterday, when asked who the team’s third-string catcher is, Willie Randolph said the following to reporters:

Raul Casanova is probably the third guy, though I like some of the other guys I’ve seen…But, I think Robinson Cancel and Casanova are probably in the next line of guys.”

In an e-mail sent to MetsBlog, reader Josuel P wrote:

“With Castro maybe on his way to the disabled list, and Schneider’s return in the waiting, the Mets need a backup plan – unless a trade. The only option is Mike Piazza. What do you think?”

…listen, i am as big of a piazza fan as any one, but that ship has sailed…seriously…you need to just accept that and move on, josuel…it pains me to say it, but it’s true…

…if for no reason than, the main reason you still like mike is because of the memories you have of him…the last thing i want to see is mike come back to the Mets, struggle, be a total flop and have that become his lasting memory…at best he’ll hit .280 or so, play a shaky defense, and then need to be cut when castro returns from the disabled list…

…why put mike and his legacy in that situation…

…just let it go…let it go