Buzz: Interest in Vargas Continues

According to Jayson Stark at, the Mets continue to show interest in RHP Claudio Vargas, adding:

“Their plan would be merely to add him to their Triple-A inventory, along with Tony Armas Jr. and Brian Stokes…There are no indications, meanwhile, that the Mets are pursuing any of the other unemployed or dfa’d starters out there: David Wells, Jeff Weaver, Robinson Tejada, etc.”

…a pedro contingency plan should be the team’s highest priority right now, and i bet omar’s blackberry is on 24/7…

…thanks once again to Peter Wade for the link…


This is a WHOLE program issue. There's no outstanding talent, and this team ( and school) does not garner any interest at all. Wasnt Uconna few yrs ago in division 2 football? They need to go back to that lower division, whatever it was.