Buzz: Ben Sheets and Pedro are still Free Agents

In a report for, Jerry Crasnick takes a look at 11 remaining free agents, including Pedro Martinez and Ben Sheets.

According to Crasnick, Martinez is still waiting for the perfect opportunity to return to action, while Sheets still remains several weeks away from beginning a throwing program, in follow up to off-season elbow surgery.

Crasnick points out that a team singing Sheets must still surrender compensatory draft picks; however, compensation is not required if he is signed after the June draft.

Sheets will be looking to sign with a team on which he can make 10 to 12 starts, explains Crasnick, which he can use as a springboard in to the off-season, free-agent market.

Crasnick also provides an update on free agents Frank Thomas, Luis Gonzalez, Jim Edmonds, Mark Grudzielanek, Dave Roberts, Paul Byrd and Jay Payton.

…i know most fans will look to the trade market, but, it’s way, way too early to assume a team will dump a player in trade… for instance, from what i can tell, people in baseball are split on whether the Blue Jays will deal Roy Halladay, especially since they are in first place… that said, his name, along with Jake Peavy, Roy Oswalt, and a collection of other pitchers, will certainly be talked about…

In fact, Danny Knobler of CBS Sports believes the Indians could look to trade RHP Cliff Lee, should they fall out of the race.

…in short, there will be teams who look to dump salary, because, if tickets sales are down, given the economy, cutting payroll will be the best way to save cash… plus, there were a lot of one-year deals signed this past off-season, meaning a lot more players will be eligible for free agency