Video: MetsBlog Profile on WTNH in CT

Last week, WTNH Channel 8 in Connecticut did a follow-up segment on me and, during which we talk blogging, new media, doing on-air work with SNY, and being a full-time, professional blogger.

To watch the two-minute segment, click play below:

…i think this came out well, though i’m still trying to figure out when i became a ‘Connecticut Man,’ as they put it… i’m only 32


Flashback: Super Joe McEwing

Tommy Marcus at Bleacher Report takes a look back at Joe McEwing.

Marcus writes:

“He may have finished his career hitting .251, but he was much more valuable than that.”

“Currently, he is the hitting coach for the Triple-A affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, and is working his way towards being on the staff of a major league baseball team.”

Here is a YouTube tribute to “the greatest utility player to ever play the game”.

…i’m still amazed by the exaggerated fascination with mcewing…it just goes to show how far hustle, hard-work, and humility goes in terms of likability…


Watch: Carlin on Kiner's Korner

To watch the following clip of the late George Carlin appearing on Kiner’s Korner, click play below:

…carlin was an absolute comedic genius…r.i.p., mr. carlin…

…on a side note, i was never a fan of Ralph Kiner when i first starting watching Mets games…i know, that is sacrilege, but it was the truth, until i met the man at Mickey Mantle’s restaurant in 1989, when i was 11 years old…now, i love when he is in the both telling stories of the good ol’ days…

…hat tip to Neil Best’s Watchdog for the link…

…added to by Matthew Cerrone

…i, on the other hand, am a huge fan of carlin, and had no idea that he was a Mets fan…that only makes my memory of him now that much better…


News: Pedro Video Posted than Taken Down

According to the Associated Press, a video of Pedro Martinez and Hall of Famer Juan Marichal taking part in a cockfight in the Dominican Republic was posted and then quickly taken off of YouTube last night.

The report writes, “Cockfighting is both legal and popular in the Dominican Republic.”

but, that doesn’t make it right, said Little Jerry Seinfeld…


Video: John Maine Song

The following is a parody of Lisa Loeb’s Stay, about John Maine, by Kuff and the Buttheads…

…excellent, job…that first line alone keeps making me laugh – let alone the rest of the song, which is hilarious


Watch: Torre Fired as Mets Manager

…this is priceless…so, so odd to watch

The following is a video clip from WABC-TV in New York reporting on the firing of Joe Torre as manager of the Mets, complete with on-air responses from then-GM Frank Cashen, OF Lee Mazzilli, and several man-on-the-street reactions…

…by the way, hat’s off to mazz for rocking that stylish mustache…he looks like my dad at that age…outstanding…

thanks to peter for the link


Watch: Willie and Omar on SNL

The following bit appeared on Saturday Night Live

…the Willie Randolph facial expressions are pretty funny, but i don’t get what is going here…is it that they’re speechless…like the rest of us, frankly…