News: Castro Traded To White Sox

Last night, Ramon Castro to the White Sox for RHP Lance Broadway.

Broadway, who is 0-1 with a 5.06 ERA in in games this season, will report to Triple-A Buffalo.

Omar Minaya, on the decision to trade Castro, speaking to reporters after the game:

“On a night like tonight, when Omir Santos plays the way he has, it makes the decision easy for us to keep him.”

Added to by Matthew Cerrone:

This is the right move, in that the Mets cannot remove Omir Santos from the current roster with the way he’s playing.

That said, they are making a big gamble in that, as Howard Megdal and Ted Berg pointed out to me, if Santos stops hitting, or either he or Brian Schneider get hurt again, then the Mets have very little to choose from in terms of minor-league catching and options to fill in on the bench.

In the end, Schneider is probably the guy who should have gone, in that he’s making more money and is the weakest hitter of the three. The team clearly tried to trade him in the off-season, speaking with the Red Sox and other teams, while hoping to sign Jason Varitek or Ivan Rodriguez to a short-term deal, according to previous reports, but it didn’t work out.

It appears Schneider is due more money than the Mets clearly want to eat, and so it’s him and Santos for the duration.


Buzz: Mets looking to trade Ramon Castro

Update, 9:30 pm:

In a post to Twitter,’s Jon Heyman writes, “White Sox talking to Mets about catching, most likely Ramon Castro.”

Heyman adds, “That sound you hear is Jerry Manuel cheering.”

Original Post, 5:13 pm:

Adam Rubin of the Daily News believes the Mets are trying to trade C Ramon Castro before Saturday’s game.

Rubin reports Brian Schneider will be activated tomorrow.

Rubin also provides information on where Castro might be traded, and how the Mets plan to manage the roster if he’s unable to moved.

To read more of this story, click here


News: Omir Santos is Good, Schneider is on his Way

Last night, down one run, with two outs, 28–year-old Omir Santos hit a two-run home run over the Green Monster in Fenway Park, paving the way for a Mets win.

“This was a huge win for us,” Jerry Manuel said after the game.

Santos is hitting .270 with six extra base hits and 15 RBI during 24 games for the Mets this season.

To hear Santos speaking with reporters following last night’s win, check out Bart Hubbuch’s blog for the New York Post.

In the Daily News, Adam Rubin writes, “Brian Schneider could return to the Mets from the DL within a week.”

… a few weeks ago, the talk was that santos would get sent down when schneider returns… now, i see no way the Mets can let this happen… castro has to go, unless the Mets again plan to carry three catchers… however, given all the injuries, and playing short handed, how is that justified… sorry, ramon

Castro, who played just 52 games each of the last two seasons, is batting .239 with a .316 OBP in 24 games this season.


Note: Castro-Santos doing a Good Job

In case you missed it…

Ramon Castro left Saturday’s game with a tight right quadricep.

Omir Santos was 3 for 5 with a double, two RBI and two runs scored on Saturday and Sunday.

According to Newsday, Castro said he could pinch hit and play an inning or two during yesterday’s game.

Prior to yesterday’s game, Jerry Manuel acknowledged Brian Schneider is dealing with a calf injury, though he initially went on the disabled list with back pain.

However, Manuel would not give a specific timetable for Schneider’s return.

In 16 games for the Mets, the 28–year-old Santos is hitting .300 with eight RBI and five extra base hits.

Meanwhile, Castro is hitting .292, and also has five extra base hits with eight RBI in 16 games for the Mets.

…from what i can gather, schneider is at least a week or so away from being able to return, though it will probably be longer… and so, who knows where santos and castro will be at that point… but, it will make for an interesting situation when schneider returns, because, most things being equal, i have to believe the Mets send santos down… unless, of course, they decide to carry three catchers and one less relief pitcher, like they did through much of last season

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Health: Schneider Setback, Sore Calf

Brian Schneider has been slowed further by a sore right calf,” reports Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.

Schneider is eligible to come off the 15-day disabled list on Sunday, May 3, in Philadelphia.

According to Hubbuch, “The Mets now are saying his return has been pushed back indefinitely after the calf issue developed this week.”

Hubbuch continues on to write how Schneider’s status will impact, or not impact, Omir Santos and Ramon Castro.

…i still believe santos is sent to triple-a regardless of how he does, or how castro behaves… unfortunately, it’s not like the Mets to cut a player like castro, in favor of a younger, potentially-better player, like santos… at least not yet…of course, this is all meaningless right now, if schneider is unable to return any time soon…


Read: Obvious, Manuel wants Castro Out

In a post to his blog for the Daily News, Adam Rubin explains why, ‘It’s plainly obvious Manuel wants to keep Omir Santos, and not Ramon Castro, when Brian Schneider is activated from the DL.’

In the ninth inning yesterday, the Mets down one run, the bases loaded and two outs, and Marlins closer Matt Lindstrom on the mound, Manuel chose to pinch hit Santos in place of Castro.

Santos popped out to end the game.

Rubin writes, “Manuel has a motive aside from trying to win the game Wednesday and thinking Santos is a better choice than Castro to come through. It may simply be to get Castro outta here, by trade or designation for assignment and release.”

SNY cameras showed Castro walking out of the dugout and in to the clubhouse mid-way through Santos’s at bat.

Following the loss, Manuel told reporters he chose to pinch hit Santos for Castro, because Santos has a ‘shorter swing,’ and he believed he would be a better match up against Lindstrom’s 98–mph fastball.

…not that i am castro’s biggest fan, but, castro’s supposed longer swing didn’t seem to be a problem getting two hits and an RBI against Josh Johnson… i’m just saying


Buzz: Mets still interested in Pudge Rodriguez

David Lennon of Newsday believes the Mets still remain very interested in free-agent C Ivan Rodriguez, ‘according to a person familiar with the team’s thinking.’

Lennon says the team is still concerned about Ramon Castro’s durability, and see Rodriguez as a better right-handed compliment to Brian Schneider.

Castro hit .245 with a .312 OBP in 52 games for the Mets last season, while spending two trips on the disabled list – he has not played in more than 52 games in a season since 2005.

Castro will be a free agent at the end of next season.

Meanwhile, Rodriguez will play for Puerto Rico in the WBC, alongside Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran.

According to Lennon, “If Rodriguez has a strong showing, the Mets’ pursuit could heat up quickly.”

In mid-February, Rodriguez told the Associated Press he might soon sign with the Marlins, Astros or Mets.

The next day, Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post said the Mets are not interested Rodriguez, and weren’t talking to him about a contract, according to a high-ranking team source.

Speaking of the WBC, check out Chris Guy’s preview for Mets Minor League Blog, where he looks at Mets players in the tournament, including 24–year-old 3B Shawn Bowman.


Update: Notes From Today

Among some random notes from today is Jerry Manuel saying that he expects Brian Schneider to catch most of the games this season, with Ramon Castro filling in when Schneider is fatigued such as when there’s a day game after a night game.

Manuel also said he is looking to get Schneider a lot more at bats, but this doesn’t mean that if Castro gets hot he won’t put him in.

Darryl Strawberry was in camp early today for the team meeting, but left very quickly afterward.

John Franco, who will be in Mets camp as a special instructor, spoke to some of the team today.

The intrasquad schedule has been released, and at the first game next Monday, Mets’ VP of Media Relations Jay Horwitz may manage one of the teams.

Jerry Manuel notes that Fernando Tatis seems to be in surprisingly good shape with no limitations.

Manuel, on his 80-pitch drill, feels that repetition is important, and wants his players to get strong. Each player will go through the drill 3 times each.  The next step for the hitters is learning plate discipline.

Lastly, the infielders do a sort of “kamikaze” drill which seems similar to the hitting drill.

…with no time to think, your head can’t get in the way, i dig it jerry…


Catcher: Mets Open to trading Schneider

In a post to his blog for, Jon Heyman says there are ‘indications,’ based on conversations with other team executives, that ‘the Mets appear open to trading either Ramon Castro or Brian Schneider.’

According to Heyman, “Should the Mets find a deal for their catchers, longtime Red Sox C Jason Varitek, a free agent, could be a possibility for them.  Mets GM Omar Minaya has always liked Ivan Rodriguez, but it isn’t known whether they’d consider I-Rod, as well.”

In late October, Heyman reported that the Mets had discussed trading for Giants C Bengie Molina.

The Boston Globe has written that the Red Sox would likely have to part with Clay Buchholz or Michael Bowden in a deal for Rangers C Taylor Teagarden or Jarrod Saltalamacchia.


Catcher: C is a Priority, No it's Not, Yes it Is

Earlier in the off-season, at, Jon Heyman listed Omar Minaya’s top priorities as being the team’s bullpen, followed by catcher, the rotation and possibly the outfield.

Yesterday, in the New York Post, Bart Hubbuch listed catcher as a possibility as well, though it was last on the list, according to a person familiar with the team’s thinking.

However, according to WFAN’s Mike Francesa, based on an off-air conversation he had with Omar Minaya, the Mets are 100 percent satisfied with Brian Schneider and Ramon Castro.

In Francesa’s view, talk of upgrading at catcher in not true.

Speaking of catcher, according to the Easy Valley Tribune, several teams have expressed interest in D’Backs C Miguel Montero, who is not eligible for arbitration until after 2009.

Meanwhile, at, Buster Olney says the D’Backs could end up keeping Montero, and instead trade Chris Snyder.

Also, in a post to, Rangers reporter T.R. Silluvan writes, ‘The Rangers have catchers to trade,’ but, for instance, in talks with the Red Sox, they will cost a pitcher like RHP Clay Buchholz.

Lastly, at, Dodgers reporter Ken Gurnick quotes Dodgers GM Ned Colletti as saying, ‘We aren’t trading Russell Martin.  I’ve never brought that up to anybody.’

Earlier in the off-season, Peter Gammons wrote on, “Some Dodger officials have spread the word that Martin will either be traded or moved to third base.”