News: Wait, now Furcal signs with Dodgers

Yesterday, Ken Rosenthal of wrote that SS Rafael Furcal decided to sign with the Braves.

for what it’s worth, rosenthal initially wrote that furcal had agreed on a deal with the Braves, but the story switched not long after to read like the above

Today, on, Rosenthal says Furcal has now decided to re-sign with the Dodgers.

For the blow-by-blow, of how things changed so quickly in the last 24 hours, read Tim’s recap at MLB Trade Rumors.

News: Rafeal Furcal to sign with Braves

SS Rafael Furcal has decided to sign with the Braves, according to Ken Rosenthal of

well, this now begs the question, a) what happens to current SS Yunel Escobar and 2B Kelly Johnson, and b) will one of them be shopped again for Jake Peavy…

Atlanta’s offer is believed to be for three years with a vesting option for a fourth season, writes Rosenthal.

Misc. Buzz: Hernandez Traded, Furcal, Frenchie

“The Reds have reached preliminary agreement with the Orioles on a trade that will send C Ramon Hernandez to Cincinnati for OF Ryan Freel and two prospects,” reports Ken Rosenthal at

Re-signing Rafael Furcal is now the Dodgers top priority, according to Tom Verducci of  That said, reports that the Blue Jays met with Furcal’s agent today.

Earlier today, the Boston Globe said the Royals and Braves were close to swapping Jeff Francoeur and Zack Grienke.

However, on Steve Phillips said at ESPN the rumor is false; as did Joe Hamrahi from Baseball Digest Daily; as did Royals GM Dayton Moore, according to

Morning Buzz: Wilson, CC, AJ, Lowe and Furcal

The Star-Ledger reports the Pirates will trade SS Jack Wilson to the Tigers, however Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski told, “That report is not accurate.  I can 100 percent tell you that.”

The Yankees will meet with free-agent RHP CC Sabathia prior to the Winter Meetings, which begin next Monday as will the Brewers, according to

The Braves are the front-runners for A.J. Burnett, explains Jayson Stark at

Yesterday, reports indicated the Braves will get Burnett if they guarantee a fifth year to their offer.

Stark also reports the Phillies have very little chance of signing free-agent RHP Derek Lowe.

Lastly, according to Stark, only the Dodgers, A’s and O’s are the only teams showing interest in SS Rafael Furcal.

amBuzz: Peavy, Furcal, Moyer, A.J. CC and Tek

The Padres may have a third team to help facilitate a trade that could eventually send Jake Peavy to the Cubs, reports Yahoo!.

…just so long as jake doesn’t go to the Braves, gentlemen

The A’s are at the top of the list for Rafael Furcal, writes the Contra Costa Times, while says the Giants, Cubs, Dodgers, Braves, and a mystery team also remain involved.

Speaking of the A’s, they and other teams have asked the Nationals for Nick Johnson’s medical records, suggesting he could be traded, reports

lots of walks and lots of injuries, sounds like the A’s to me

Though it hasn’t happened yet, the Phillies are still expected to re-sign free-agent LHP Jamie Moyer, writes

The Blue Jays still feel there is a chance they will re-sign free-agent RHP A.J. Burnett, according to, even though they’ll have less to spend, as the Toronto Sun explains.

The Red Sox plan to offer salary arbitration to Jason Varitek, according to the Boston Herald.

…meaning he will cost two draft picks, if he signs with a new team

Lastly, the Yankees are skeptical of the Angels’ interest in free-agent RHP CC Sabathia, writes Jon Heyman at

the idea being, the Angels are a) bidding up the price on the Yankees, while b) trying to spook Mark Teixeira in to re-signing, since reports continue suggest they can only afford one of the two

2B: Furcal eyes A's, Renteria signs with Giants

According to Enrique Rojas from, free-agent SS Rafael Furcal traveled to the West Coast, ‘where he could complete an agreement with either the A’s or Giants.’

Furcal’s agent told Rojas that a third team is in the mix, but it is not the Mets, despite what his client told El Caribe.

Regardless, Furcal does not want to play second base, Furcal’s agent told Tim Brown at Yahoo! Sports.

That said, the Giants have signed free-agent SS Edgar Renteria to a two-year, $18 million deal, says Sweeny Murti of WFAN, according to MLB Trade Rumors.

…so, if the Giants signed renteria, then i’m guessing the A’s will end up with furcal

Update5:20 pm

MLB Trade Rumors now links to a story from the San Francisco Chronicle that states Renteria has not signed with the Giants.

jeez…at this rate, i’m starting to think a more appropriate name would be the Not Stove Season…

2B: No Offer to Furcal, Hudson likes Mets

As noted in an earlier post, free-agent SS Rafael Furcal told El Caribe that the A’s and Mets have each offered him a contract.

However, in an update to his blog for, Jon Heyman writes, “I wouldn’t doubt that the A’s have made him a big offer…I do doubt that the Mets have shown any serious interest.”

In fact, Heyman quotes a person familiar with the Mets dealings as saying, “No offer has been made.”

Meanwhile, at the San Francisco Chronicle, Susan Slusser calls the El Caribe report ‘untrue.’

hmm, ok, well, some one probably should tell furcal that

i mean, it’s not like some anonymous source said the Mets and A’s made an offer…the actual player in question is the guy who made the statementso, so crazy

Speaking of second base, according to Andrew Marchand, on his blog for 1050 ESPN Radio, Orlando Hudson‘s first choice is to play for the Mets.