Read: Good Riddance Piazza

At Page 2 on, Paul Lukas (a self-proclaimed lifelong Mets fan) writes an interesting piece, to say the least, about why he hopes Mike Piazza will not be enshrined in the Hall of Fame as a New York Met.

…in my opinion, lukas should stick to writing about uniforms because he is definitely out in left field about this one

His reasons range from utter ridiculousness, from Piazza’s response to his heterosexuality, to just plain stupid, such as, “Mike Piazza can’t slide.”

last time I checked, players get into the Hall of Fame on their career numbers, records and accolades, not on athleticism

put aside his career numbers with both the Dodgers and Mets, his athleticism or lack of, whether or not he gave first base a shot, and think about where this organization was before he arrived

…i will never forget the countless memories he left us, and as a Mets fan, i hope in five years that he will don a Mets hat in Cooperstown…

By the way, Adam Rubin of the Daily News reports that the Mets hope to honor Piazza at Shea Stadium this season.


News: ESPN Classic to Honor Piazza on Friday

ESPN Classic will honor Mike Piazza, who retired from baseball yesterday, with a five-hour tribute on Friday, starting at 2 pm.

The Mike Piazza Tribute consists of three of his most-memorable games, including July 8, 2000, against the Yankees; Oct. 22, 2000, against the Yankees; and Sept. 21, 2001, against the Braves.

some one asked me today what piazza’s greatest moment was while playing with the Mets, and while a few spring to mind, clearly it was the home run after Sept. 11 against the Braves, because it transcended sports and demonstrated just how wonderful and significant the game of baseball can be


Poll: Should SNY Hire Mike Piazza

In a post to Baseball Prospectus, Jay Jaffe looks at the Cooperstown Case for Mike Piazza, who officially announced his retirement from MLB yesterday.

After the news broke that Piazza officially retired yesterday, everyone rightfully praised him for his tremendous career and what he did for the Mets franchise.

What some people may not remember is the fine job he also did as a baseball analyst – most notably for ESPN, which got me thinking: why doesn’t SNY immediately hire him.

With his insider knowledge of the current players and issues, I think he would be a great addition to the booth or studio.



Quote: Fred Wilpon about Mike Piazza

Fred Wilpon has issued the following statement, regarding news that Mike Piazza has retired:

“On behalf of everyone at the Mets we salute Mike for his Hall of Fame caliber accomplishments in our game and with our team. Mike electrified New York City and energized our franchise after we acquired him in 1998. He was an integral part of our 2000 National League Championship club. Mike played the game with passion, class and heart – symbolic of our city. We wish Mike, his wife, Alicia, and daughter Nicoletta all health and happiness as he begins a new chapter in his life.”


News: Mike Piazza Retires from MLB

According to the Associated Press, Mike Piazza has officially announced his retirement from MLB.

…good for you, mike…enjoy it…now, let the debate begin as to whether he should hit the Hall of Fame cap in a Mets hat or a Dodgers hat…

…of course, i’m thinking Mets…

In 2006, ran a poll in which 52 percent of the site’s readers said Piazza should wear a Dodgers cap when he is inducted into the Hall of Fame, while 41 percent noted that he should wear a Mets cap.

…more important than that, actually, is will they select a photo of him with the pencil-thin mustache and beard, or without it…

Meanwhile, according to the poll taken during the summer of 2006 by MetsBlog and Dodger Thoughts, the great Dodgers blog written by Jon Weisman, 82 percent of Dodger fans feel Piazza should enter the Hall of Fame wearing a Dodgers cap, while 96 percent of Mets fans feel he should wear a Mets hat.

…in other words, the fans are of no help here

Tom Glavine, regarding Piazza and the Hall of Fame, as quoted by the Daily News in 2007…

“The Mets are the team I identify him with. I know he came up as a Dodger, but he had more productive years with the Mets. He broke the home run record for catchers with the Mets. In the end he actually played more games as a Met than as a Dodger. When I think of Mike in his prime, more of those years he was a Met than a Dodger.”


Note: Piazza and NYC

In a post to his outstanding blog for the Journal News, beat writer Peter Abraham lists Mike Piazza among six possible replacements for Yankees C Jorge Posada, who was recently put on the disabled list for the first time in his career.

…this would bug me…sorry, but it would…i mean, i don’t want to stand in mike’s way, but i believe this would hurt his legacy among Mets fans, assuming he cares about that…and if he struggles in the bronx, he will end up burning his entire bridge to New York City – at least in the short term…

…practically speaking, since he has not played in nearly seven months, i would think he’d need at least a few weeks of extended spring training, and since the Yankees need a back-up solution now, i am not sure mike is their answer anyway


eMailbag: Third-String C, and Mike Piazza

As noted earlier, Ramon Castro left yesterday’s game after tweaking the same right hamstring that had kept him out of action the previous week.

Castro told reporters that he didn’t pull ‘nothing,’ and that the hamstring stopped hurting as soon as he stopped running.

He is scheduled to have an MRI today.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, Willie Randolph told reporters that Brian Schneider might not play until Wednesday.

Schneider has also been bothered by a tight hamstring.

Yesterday, when asked who the team’s third-string catcher is, Willie Randolph said the following to reporters:

Raul Casanova is probably the third guy, though I like some of the other guys I’ve seen…But, I think Robinson Cancel and Casanova are probably in the next line of guys.”

In an e-mail sent to MetsBlog, reader Josuel P wrote:

“With Castro maybe on his way to the disabled list, and Schneider’s return in the waiting, the Mets need a backup plan – unless a trade. The only option is Mike Piazza. What do you think?”

…listen, i am as big of a piazza fan as any one, but that ship has sailed…seriously…you need to just accept that and move on, josuel…it pains me to say it, but it’s true…

…if for no reason than, the main reason you still like mike is because of the memories you have of him…the last thing i want to see is mike come back to the Mets, struggle, be a total flop and have that become his lasting memory…at best he’ll hit .280 or so, play a shaky defense, and then need to be cut when castro returns from the disabled list…

…why put mike and his legacy in that situation…

…just let it go…let it go


Buzz: Piazza May Retire

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, free-agent Mike Piazza may retire if he doesn’t sign with a team before the end of spring training.

Piazza, who missed half of last season with a shoulder injury, hit .275 with eight HR and 44 RBI.

…this is very sad for me to see piazza retire even though i knew this day was coming…he was my favorite player even before he turned around the Mets…i can’t wait for the day to see his No. 31 retired in Citi Field…

…added to by Matthew Cerrone

…i still have doubts that piazza’s number will actually ever be retired…i’d do it, but i have doubts the Mets will…


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