Moment from PSL: So many pitcher drills

Andrew Vazzano,

After morning stretches, the pitchers broke up into throwing and non-throwing groups. The non-throwers made their way to the “Gator Pit,” where they worked on a myriad of different drills on slices of a full baseball field.

Josh Edgin practiced covering first base, as John Church looked on…

Josh Edgin covering first

Cory Mazzoni practiced bunting, trying to get his bunts to stop within the spray-painted area in front of him…

pitchers bunting

And on the full field in the Pit, Bobby Parnell did some pitcher fielding practice, but tried to barehand a comebacker, which did not sit well with the coaches running the drill…

parnell barehand fielding

Then, they all rotated, with pitchers shifting to different drills. Reminds me of baseball camp…but, you know, for adults…


Andrew, write more. You do it well. 

Also, thank you for that picture of drop the bunt in a box. Never saw that until today.  Any idea if that's a new drill or how long teams have been doing it?

Andrew Vazzano
Andrew Vazzano moderator

@hankincolo  Thanks, Hank!

As for the bunt drill, your guess is as good as mine, but that "field" is specifically designed for bunting practice.