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Dec 6: The latest on Robinson Cano

In early November, the Mets reportedly met with the agents for 2B Robinson Cano, who is said to be seeking at least a nine-year deal.

The Mets told Cano’s agents before agreeing to meet that chances of a deal were slim (Rosenthal), and they simply used the opportunity to get to know Jay Z’s new talent agency, according to people familiar with the meeting (Rubin).

10:50 am: The Mariners have agreed to sign Cano to a ten-year, $240 million contract, pending a physical on Monday (Rojas).

10:48 am: The Mets do not expect to meet with Jay Z’s group about Cano again (Martino).

10:33 am: The Mariners and Cano’s agents have resumed talks, despite Jay Z’s demand for a tenth year (Rosenthal).

8:50 am: The Mariners offered Cano a nine-year, $225 million contract (Heyman); Cano’s people countered with a 10-year, $252 million request, at which point talks ended (Feinsand).

Dec. 5: The Yankees are only willing to go as high as $175 million (Heyman).

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

Dec. 4: I don’t think the Mets only met with Cano’s agents simply for the sake of meeting. There’s a lot of buzz in MLB today that the Yankees have a limit on what they’ll pay him, and they’re more than fine moving on without him. There are people in the Mets front office who feel Cano may get more money in other places. However, when all is said and done, New York is New York and Cano didn’t leave Scott Boras to get lost in Seattle. It’s a long shot, and very, very unlikely he finds a way to Queens. However, if Cano is left choosing between the Mariners and Nationals, for instance, and the Yankees move on because negotiations took too long, maybe the Mets can slip in to offer something worth his time? So, why not take the meeting, right? That is all…

Dec. 3: The Mets have not discussed Cano internally in a while, although some within the organization remain hopeful they can get in on him (Martino).