Question: Will the Mets carry two left-handed relievers next year?

Eric in Stamford: I hope the Mets learned the lesson and next year they will have more than one left-handed relief pitcher. They basically burned out Tim Byrdak, and they did the same thing to Pedro Feliciano. Do you think they’ll have more than one lefty next year?

Matthew Cerrone, Lead Writer

I don’t know, Eric. I really don’t. However, it’s worth noting that the plan this year was to basically have Ramon Ramirez be able to pitch to both right-handed hitters and lefties, and have Byrdak to pitch to just lefties in key spots. The thing is, Ramirez pitched well to lefties earlier in his career because he was pitching well in general. This year, he was getting rocked by lefties early, and so it was all Byrdak from that point forward. The point is, though the Mets broke camp with just one left-handed reliever, they talked like Ramirez was going to be used in that sort of role as well,¬†alleviating¬†some of the load on Byrdak… it just didn’t work out that way. In terms of going forward, Josh Edgin is clearly an asset. I’m not sure what his potential is, but he can obviously help this team next year as a situational lefty, if not more.