MetsBlog Q&A: Travis d’Arnaud talks strengths, weaknesses

Travis d’Arnaud says his knee is ‘perfect,’ despite suffering a partially torn PCL last season, he told MetsBlog’s Michael Baron yesterday.

Travis d'Arnaud 1 polaroidHere is the rest of Baron’s Q&A with d’Arnaud, discussing strengths, weaknesses and working with young pitchers…

Question: How would you describe yourself?

D’Arnaud: I’m a smart catcher, who loves the game of baseball. I love to have fun out there and just play the game.

Question: Have you had time yet to talk with some of the younger pitchers, such as Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler?

D’Arnaud: I’ve tried to talk with them in the morning, and just trying to build a relationship with them. That’s part of a catcher’s job.

Question: What kind of impact does playing in Las Vegas have on a starting pitcher?

D’Arnaud: I know as a hitter, the ball travels really well. … As a pitcher, if you make a mistake, you’re gonna pay for it there. A pop-up anywhere is pretty much a home run, because the ball fly there and the wind blows out. … It could help a pitcher lock in more, because he knows that if he makes a mistake it will most likely be a home run or double off the wall. It could also destroy someone. So far, everyone here that I’ve talked to, they seem mentally strong and they can handle if they mess up, which is good.

Question: What is your approach to hitting?

Travis d'Arnaud 2 polaroidD’Arnaud: In the box, I’m honestly thinking of nothing. Keep your eye on the ball, that’s it. Look for a pitch you can hit, not try to do too much. During BP, same thing. I try to keep it as simple as possible. Sometimes I have tendency to pull my head, because I try to hit it too far, so I try to relax and stay short.

Question: What are your biggest strength?

D’Arnaud: I try to pay attention to details, like does a hitter switch his feet or move his hands to try and make an adjustment, I’ll be able to notice that and tell the pitcher. I’m good at building relationships with pitchers. I learn about them as a person and try to communicate, which leads to both of us trusting each other and the decisions we make to try and get each hitter out.

Question: What are your biggest weaknesses?

D’Arnaud: I don’t really think about my weaknesses. I just try to work on my game as a whole.