MetsBlog Q&A: Gavin Cecchini discusses Kingsport, move to Brooklyn

On Tuesday, Gavin Cecchini, the Mets first selection in the 2012 first-year player draft, was promoted to Single-A Brooklyn after spending most of his first professional season with Rookie League Kingsport Mets in the Appalachian League.

Last night, MetsBlog’s Meredith Perri spoke with Cecchini before his debut with Brooklyn. During the Q&A, Cecchini discussed his reaction to being called up, his experience playing with Kingsport and what facets of his game he hopes to improve while finishing out the season in Brooklyn.

Meredith Perri: What was going through your mind when you found out you were getting called up to play with the Cyclones?

Gavin Cecchini: Whenever you get called up, most of the time you’re going to be surprised because they don’t tell you anything in advance. I was surprised, and I’m grateful to be able to get called up and have a great coaching staff here. And also, I’m grateful that we’re in the playoff race, and I’m just enjoying it, getting to meet a whole new set of players that are now my teammates. It really is cool, and I’m having a blast already. I’m sure as days go on it’s going to get funner and funner.

Meredith Perri: What was your experience playing in Kingsport like? What were some of the things you improved on, and what aspects of the game do you still think you really need to fix?

Gavin Cecchini: I improved all of my game in Kingsport. I made big strides, I made adjustments throughout the season, which is what they really wanted to see. Baseball is a game of failure, and you’re going to struggle and everyone struggles. It’s just how you come back from that struggle, and how quickly you can get over it, and if you have a bad game forget about it. I improved a lot defensively, offensively, everything. You know defensively, we have a great infield coordinator, Kevin Morgan, and hitting coaches, Yunir Garcia – he’s a great hitting coach. When you get to the pro level, everyone has talent. In the pro level, it mostly comes down to the mental part of the game, and that’s the biggest thing I’ve been working on.

Meredith Perri: With the move up to Single-A, what are some of the challenges you are expecting to face?

Gavin Cecchini: It’s still the same game of baseball, just a little step higher, and just getting offensively get a good pitch to swing, and defensively, just charging the ball and making the play.


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