Mailbag: Would the Royals trade top prospect Wil Myers for R.A. Dickey?

Nick Grimaldi sent in the following email:

Reports out of Kansas City are saying that the Royals are seeking starting pitching and top outfield prospect Wil Myers is one of the names that they are said to be shopping. He is the type of impact outfielder the Mets desperately needs. Do you think the Mets would be able to make a deal for Myers involving R.A. Dickey?

Myers, who will be 22 on Opening Day, hit a combined .314 with a .600 SLG, 37 home runs and 109 RBI and 140 strikeouts between Double-A Northwest Arkansas and Triple-A Omaha in 2012. He has not yet played in the Major Leagues.

Michael Baron, Contributor

If the Mets could get Myers in exchange for Dickey, the unemotional side of me says it’s a no-brainer. Andy Martino of the Daily News recently said the Mets are seeking a “monster package” in return for Dickey. Myers fits the profile of such a package, but it’s not evident this is even a possibility for the Mets. In fact, Martino has also said the Mets have yet to receive an offer they’re comfortable with for Dickey.

If I’m the Royals, I’d be hard pressed to deal a top prospect who hits for this kind of power for a 38-year-old pitcher, even though that pitcher is the reigning National League Cy Young Award winner. That’s not meant to be a knock on Dickey – he has been tremendous, but it’s simple baseball sense for the Royals to not trade what could be a tremendous part of their long-term future for an aging pitcher. If anything, I would expect the Royals to be seeking young (and quality) insurance along with Dickey if they saw the Mets as a match. As I’ve said before, the Mets need to be careful when dealing from their crop of prospects right now – other than Wilmer Flores, they don’t have many notable position player prospects at the top of their organization right now.

It’s worth noting that while Jeff Passan of Yahoo! Sports says the Royals are shopping Myers, Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star says they do not want to trade Myers or any of their big league players for starting pitching.

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