Yoenis Cespedes

Yoenis Cespedes: There’s more talk he could be traded this winter

The Red Sox could make OF Yoenis Cespedes available in trade this winter, according to local reporter Nick Cafardo (Boston Globe, Oct. 20).

Cespedes will earn $10.2 million in the final year of his current deal.

Cespedes said late in the season that he wasn’t sure whether he’d engage in long-term talks with the Red Sox(Boston Globe, Oct. 20).

According to Cafardo, Cespedes does not want to play right field or work on his defense, which could push Boston to deal him.

The Red Sox are looking to acquire a left-handed hitter this winter, as well as a starting pitcher, according to reporter Joel Sherman (NY Post, Oct. 5).

Sherman suggests the Mets and Red Sox talk about swapping Cespedes for LHP Jon Niese, who is guaranteed to earn $7 million in 2015 and $9 million in 2016.

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone from Oct. 5: We’re going to hear a lot about Cespedes this winter. Already, I’ve heard a few random trade ideas from baseball insiders, speculating on a match between Boston and the Mets.

For instance, in addition to Sherman’s proposals, I’ve heard people go so far as say the Mets should be used as a three-way partner in a deal sending Giancarlo Stanton to Boston, with Cespedes going to the Mets. I have no idea how that would work. I guess the Mets would be asked to send a pitching prospect to Miami, but, again, this is just people playing match-maker and not an actual proposed deal, so who knows…

The point is, whether it’s Xander Bogaerts, Daniel Murphy, Cespedes, Bartolo Colon, Niese or Shane Victorino, these two teams seem capable of helping one another out. I wonder if this is the year they finally hook up on a deal?

Alderson Ricciardi

J.P. Ricciardi is working out an extension with the Mets

J.P. Ricciardi is working out an extension with the Mets to remain in Sandy Alderson’s front office (Cafardo, Oct. 20).

Ricciardi has one year remaining on his current three-year deal.

He has served as a Special Assistant to Alderson since November 2010.

In late September, the Mets and Alderson agreed to a three-year contract extension that will keep him as General Manager through 2017.

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: This is good news. I think it’s obvious that, when Alderson retires, assuming everything is going well and the Mets are winning, Ricciardi or Paul DePodesta will take over as GM. It’s funny, the Mets get knocked for not spending enough, but they certainly have the most expensive front office, which has to be worth something, right?

Anyway, JP was GM of the Blue Jays for most of last decade. He helped rebuild that franchise and farm system to get it to where it is today, and he’s done a terrific job injecting young talent from other teams to the Mets, all while DePodesta handles player development, the farm, amateur scouting and the draft.

The way I understand it, Ricciardi is tasked by Alderson to find diamonds in the rough, whether they come from other team’s major or minor league rosters. In the time these guys have been at the helm, Ricciardi and Alderson have worked to bring in Zack Wheeler, Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud, among others. However, they are lacking when it comes to injecting immediate big-league talent, which is what Billy Beane does so well for the A’s. For instance, for every Brandon Moss and Josh Donaldson in Oakland, we’re asked to root for Brad Eamus, Chris YoungColin Cowgill and Chin-Lung Hu. 

The minor-league acquisitions are beginning to have an impact at the major-league level, which is awesome and should not be ignored. I expect a playoff team in 2015. To do that, the Mets are going to need to also add players who can help now…not five years from now.

Today in MetsBlog 2006: The Day After Game 6

The following post was published by Matthew Cerrone to MetsBlog.com on October 19, 2006, the morning after the Mets defeated the Cardinals to push a Game 7 in the NLCS:

The Mets lost to the Cardinals the next night (eight years ago today), after which St. Louis went on to win the World Series against the Tigers.

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: I know we were all on Cloud Nine by the following summer (when the Mets were the best team in the NL and in first by a dozen games). However, in hindsight, looking back, it seems like it was all downhill from that Game Six. From there, it’s like it went from Endy’s catch to collapses to injuries to Maddoff in the matter of a few minutes, yet it’s actually been eight years. I get a headache just thinking about, frankly.

That said, I will never forget how it felt leaving Shea Stadium that night. I had never heard a louder Jose, Jose, Jose chant, which you could still hear rattling through the building while walking through the parking lot. It was so impactful, Cliff Floyd actually wrote about it on the blog he was keeping that year for MLB.com. The memory is tainted a bit by what happened eight years ago tonight, and by what ultimately happened the following season, but (as far as baseball games go, and experiences at that ballpark) it was a great night that I’ll never forget.[/sny-editorial]

To see what the Mets-Tigers World Series program would have looked like in 2006, check out this post from Mets Police.

Citi Field wide HDR 544s

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Astros hire former-Mets hitting coach Dave Hudgens

The Astros have hired Dave Hudgens to be their hitting coach (McTaggert, Oct. 18).

The Mets fired Hudgens in May. Lamar Johnson was named interim coach as his replacement, but dismissed at the end of the season and offered a different job in the organization.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, the Mets offense performed more or less the same under Hudgens as it did under current Johnson (MetsBlog, Sept. 30).

The Mets and Yankees have contacted Dave Magadan about their vacancy at hitting coach, he recently told the New York Post.1 Magadan was scheduled to meet with Yankees GM Brian Cashman last week in New York to discuss the job.2

The Mets are also among teams to talk by phone with and show interest in hiring Kevin Long, who the Yankees fired as their hitting coach at the end of the season, according to a league source.2

Sources: 1 King & Sherman, Oct. 14 | 2 Ehalt, Oct. 10

Friday’s Arizona Fall League recap…

Outfielder Brandon Nimmo had another nice night at the plate, driving in fellow Mets prospect L.J. Mazzilli with a single in the 3rd inning, reaching on a hit-by-pitch in the 1st and a walk in the 9th.

The Wyoming native has a hit in six of his seven AFL starts and is batting .333.

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