Reds are listening to offers for Jay Bruce

The Reds are listening to trade offers for OF Jay Bruce, though they’re hardly committed to dealing him (Rosenthal, Nov. 20).

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: The Reds are going to want a young, somewhat proven outfielder and hard-throwing pitching prospects, because that’s what everyone says they’ve been seeking in trades since last winter. They have really good pitching to deal, so there will be deals out there for them. I can’t see how Sandy Alderson meets Cincinnati’s needs better than someone else, especially since it would mean trading an arm  that is needed elsewhere to maybe get a shortstop. This is interesting, but I don’t see a match given the other’s teams goal.

Small Berkon AvatarBen Berkon: Bruce has been one of the best home run hitters in the National League since 2008. In fact, from 2011 to 2013, the left-handed hitter averaged 32 home runs per season. Yet, his 2014 campaign was worrisome. … He would certainly improve Alderson’s offense – and his young age and reasonable contract should make him an attractive target. But, in no way should the Mets hemorrhage their farm system for a player whose sole ability has been to pull home runs, and do little else with the stick >> Read More.

The Mets’ path to get David Wright started in 1980…

The Mets, eventually, turned Terry Leach into David Wright. How? You’ll have to find out via the MLB transaction tree put together by Grantland.

The Mets come in at No. 2, for best player-to-player path.

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Mets-White Sox Trade Rumors: Have they even talked yet?

The White Sox are open to dealing SS Alexei Ramirez, “but it’s certainly not something we’re pursuing on our end,” their GM Rick Hahn said last week (Kane, Nov. 8).

The latest, as of Nov. 21, 2014:

Mets reporter Adam Rubin believes the Mets and White Sox have yet to have any conversations about Ramirez (ESPN, Nov. 21).

However, it was reported in early November that the Mets were among teams to contact the White Sox about trading for him, according to Chicago reporter Bruce Levine (WSCR, Nov. 6).

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Jose Reyes posted a picture of himself in Mets gear

miniMCavatarMatthew Cerrone: Jose Reyes is one of my favorite baseball players of all time, a) because he helped the Mets get to a postseason, b) he’s great when he’s healthy, and c) he’s very entertaining and fun to watch.

So, considering he’s on the Blue Jays, it was a surprise to see him post a picture of himself in Mets gear to his Instagram feed, taking part in the Throwback Thursday meme, which is when people post old pictures of themselves.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 10.16.36 AM

Naturally, I started daydreaming about him being re-acquired, considering the Mets keep talking about upgrading at shortstop. In reality, I see no way Sandy Alderson brings him back, if for no other reason than Toronto is working to field a great team in 2015 and moving Reyes would be counter to that plan. That said, it’s fun to think about… and judging by Jose’s choice in photos, I’m not the only one imagining a reunion…

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Tomas Yasmani

Latest on free agent OF Yasmany Tomas

Last Updated: Nov. 21, 2014:

Who is interested in signing him?

The Braves are scheduled to hold a private workout with Tomas (Heyman, Nov. 20) and, along with the Padres, they are now considered among the favorites to sign the 24-year-old Cuban free agent (Sanchez, Nov. 21).

The Phillies were once considered the favorites to sign him, however they’re beginning to back off due to his asking price and limited defensive skills (Hagen, Nov. 20) The Giants, D-Backs, Mariners and Royals are said to also have interest (Passan, Nov. 20).

What about the Mets?

The Mets watched Tomas, but their scouts didn’t love him (Sherman, Nov. 10) and, like the Yankees and Red Sox, they don’t feel he is worth a $100 million price tag (Cerrone, Sept. 30 & King, Oct. 8 & WEEI, Nov. 3).

What is he asking for?

Tomas could end up signing a seven-year deal worth as much as $110 million (MLBTR, Sept. 24). He’s getting eager to sign a deal, but is being encouraged to remain patient (MLBTR, Nov. 21).

Matt Harvey’s attitude is contagious

The Mets need to let Matt Harvey be himself, Terry Collins told SNY’s Mets Hot Stove on Thursday.

“The one thing Matt Harvey brings to this team is the attitude that he’s the best in the game,” Collins said. “He talks about it. He believes it. And he wants to go out there and prove it.”

According to Collins, Harvey’s expectations for himself tend to rub off on the rest of the clubhouse, particularly the pitching staff.

“That starts to catch on,” Collins said. “He can be so good, and those other guys in the rotation won’t let this guy run by them. So, it’s going to bring their games up as well.”