Alderson: There aren’t a lot of classic SS in MLB, including Flores

Wilmer Flores is not a prototypical shortstop, Sandy Alderson told SNY’s Joe Kraus.

However, he added, “There are a lot of shortstops that are not prototypical and are successful at the major-league level. In fact, if you look around baseball, there aren’t a lot of classic shortstops, who can do it all.”

Alderson recently told reporters he is currently working to address his shortstop situation.

“It’s definitely something we’ll be taking a look at over the next week and through the rest of the offseason,” he said.

The Mets are reportedly looking to trade from their depth at starting pitching for a shortstop on par with or slightly better than Flores >> Read more about potential trades here.

“We’ll continue to look, but Wilmer has done a nice job for us the last couple of years,” Alderson told Kraus. “We’ll see where we are when Spring Training opens.”

Matt Harvey doesn’t expect new OF wall to impact pitching staff

Matt Harvey is not phased by the new, shorter outfield wall dimensions at Citi Field, he told WFAN on Tuesday.

“For us, if you throw three guys out there throwing 95-plus mph, to hit a ball out there you’re gonna have to crush it anyway,” he said. “We have to keep the ball down, move guys around anyway, so I don’t think it’s going to cause much harm.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 8.30.48 AM

The Mets moved the right-center field fence from 390 to 380 feet, while the area near the bullpen moved from 375 to 370 feet.

According to Sandy Alderson, had the new dimensions existed last season, his team would have hit an additional 17 home runs, while opponents would have hit an extra 10.

To see a video of Alderson’s media tour debuting the new wall, click here.

Matt Harvey

Matt Harvey feels good, on track for Spring Training

Matt Harvey will be 100 percent ready when he reports to camp in February, he told WFAN this morning.

Harvey said he took the last month off and will begin his normal rehab program, throwing off a mound, in December.

“It’s nice going in to the offseason as a normal player,” Harvey said. “Spring Training can’t come quick enough.”

Last week, Sandy Alderson told WNBC that he does not intend to shut Harvey down next year the way the Nationals did with Stephen Strasburg when he returned from Tommy John surgery.

“The key for us is figuring out a way to manage his season so that he’s available to us if or when we get to the postseason,” Alderson explained.

Harvey missed all of 2014 after having Tommy John surgery in late 2013.


In case you missed it on MetsBlog…

The Mets announced that pitchers and catchers will report to Spring Training on February 19, with position players due to report on February 26.

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David Wright, Juan Lagares, and Bobby Parnell are currently in Port St. Lucie working out with new strength and conditioning coach Mike Barwis >> Watch the video


Late-November hunch on where the Mets end up at SS


Matthew Cerrone: In the end, I still think Sandy Alderson will end up trading Dillon Gee or Jon Niese and Rafael Montero to Seattle for shortstop Chris Taylor or Brad Miller. At which point, the Mets could trade Daniel Murphy and slide Flores to second base. Or, keep Murphy and let Wilmer and Miller or Taylor compete in Spring Training.

The Mets and Mariners match up well for a trade, according to a front office person, an agent and multiple insiders (Rubin, Nov. 11).

The M’s have a crowded middle infield, they need an arm. The Mets have a crowded rotation, they need options at shortstop. Gee and Niese are good, not great. Miller and Taylor are good, not great. Is it the blockbuster deal we hoped for? No. But, it’s a fit, and it’s where I think things will end up…

The way it stands, the White Sox aren’t trading SS Alexei Ramirez for Gee, Niese or Colon. They want some combination of Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom or Zack Wheeler. I see no evidence that Alderson will do this deal; and the same can be said for the Cubswhether they move Starlin Castro, Addison Russell or Javier Baez. 

The other thing is that the Cubs and White Sox, among others, are all now watching the Red Sox, who people speculate may try to move their young infielders to get another team’s ace, such as Phillies RHP Cole Hamels or Nationals RHP Jordan Zimmerman. The Cubs are rumored to have interest in this level of pitcher as well. So, to think they’re taking Wheeler, let alone Gee, for what might be able to net them Hamels or Zimmerman, is crazy.

My guess is Alderson is waiting for late December to approach the teams that don’t get Hamels, Jon Lester, Max Scherzer, etc., to see what he can get in trade for Gee, Niese or Colon. He’ll be competing against the Reds shopping Mike Leake and Mat Latos and the Nationals pushing Doug Fister, but he can better compete in this market, where a hitter like Miller becomes fair value.

The Mets and Mariners talked both early and late last off season, but nothing ever materialized, despite continuing to scout one another during Spring Training (Cerrone, Oct. 20).

For instance, the Mets offered Jon Niese for Miller last winter, but a deal never worked out (Gammons, Aug. 19). The Mets and Mariners also talked about a deal for 22-year-old 2B-SS Nick Franklin (Rubin, Feb. 24), who was eventually traded to the Rays in the three-team David Price deal.

Projections for Wilmer Flores and shortstops of interest

According to Steamer Projections on, Wilmer Flores will have a more productive season than Xander Bogaerts, Jed Lowrie, Chris Taylor, Asbrubal Cabrera and Stephen Drew, and a comparable season to Starlin Castro.

Troy Tulowitzki COL 602 159 31 28 92 93 .303 .385 .527 .913 138 5.8
Hanley Ramirez BOS 648 158 34 21 80 110 .277 .352 .450 .803 126 3.8
Elvis Andrus TEX 663 161 29 4 54 91 .269 .327 .345 .672 87 2.9
Brad Miller SEA 506 115 20 12 52 94 .252 .314 .395 .708 103 2.4
Jimmy Rollins PHI 629 133 25 13 52 97 .237 .309 .364 .672 89 2.4
Alexei Ramirez CHW 636 158 30 11 63 76 .265 .300 .379 .679 87 2.3
Starlin Castro CHC 572 145 32 12 60 92 .274 .320 .409 .729 101 2.1
Wilmer Flores NYM 511 121 23 14 56 67 .255 .296 .401 .696 98 1.9
Xander Bogaerts BOS 459 108 22 12 52 93 .260 .323 .409 .731 104 1.8
Jed Lowrie FA 488 114 26 10 50 71 .261 .327 .396 .723 104 1.7
Javier Baez CHC 591 122 24 26 66 173 .226 .280 .420 .699 92 1.5
Chris Taylor SEA 412 96 19 4 36 80 .261 .323 .354 .677 96 1.4
Asdrubal Cabrera FA 597 134 29 15 61 107 .251 .316 .397 .713 100 1.4
Didi Gregorious ARI 392 89 15 6 36 55 .251 .311 .370 .891 86 1.2
Stephen Drew FA 395 76 17 8 37 95 .218 .294 .352 .696 81 0.7
Ruben Tejada NYM 232 51 10 2 17 34 .246 .317 .323 .640 85 0.6