How long can the Mets stick with Miguel Batista?

Here are three tweets sent to me during last night’s game:

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Sorry, guys, but Terry Collins said last night that Miguel Batista will remain in the rotation for at least another week. It sounds to me like the plan is to run him out there, cross their fingers, and wait for Chris Young to get back sooner than later. Young is scheduled to throw 75 pitches tomorrow for Single-A St. Lucie. The buzz from Citi Field continues to suggest he could be ready for big-league action by the end of this month, though more realistically he could be back in early June. In the event they need someone sooner, I’d bet on Jeremy Hefner.

It’s not that Hefner is the end-all, be-all savior. But, he has shown a good command of his repertoire of late in Triple-A and he’s not walking many batters these days.

As I said the other week, I’ve heard some fans suggest Colin McHugh, Dylan Owen or Brad Holt. McHugh and Holt have only thrown 100 or so upper-level innings, so I assume they’re not being ‘considered,’ among other reasons. Owen, on the other hand, though he is way, way over that limit and he’s pitched mostly well at Triple-A this year, he’s not on the 40-man roster, whereas Hefner is.

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