Transcript: Terry's comments, sticking with Schwinden

Following tonight’s loss in┬áColorado, Terry Collins said Chris Schwinden will start again for the Mets in Houston, despite giving up six runs to the Rockies.

Collins also had the following to say about…

What he was thinking during the fifth inning:

“Innings like that are going to possibly take place. One thing I was starting to think about is, I didn’t want to start burning out my bullpen in the fifth inning. Knowing that this thing could go a long way, we had to get some outs and we didn’t get them.”

Scott Hairston, who hit for the cycle:

“Scott had a great day and it’s going to go unnoticed in a game like this.”

The six errors made by his team in tonight’s game:

“That certainly is something we can’t do anymore. … Stuff like this happens. It’s one of those nights. It’s hopefully the last time we’ll see it this summer.”