Transcript: Terry's comments after today's loss

Following today’s loss to the Astros, Terry Collins talked to reporters and had the following to say about:

Houston’s pitching and being outscored 18-7 this series:

“You are going to have ups and downs, and this was a down. They played great, they pitched great. As I said last night, we were 0-2 a lot of at bats. It’s tough to hit when you’re behind so far. That’s a credit to the way they pitched. They got ahead in the count and made good pitches. They out pitched us and out hit us…When you pitch behind in the count, you better have plus stuff.”

Chris Young, and where he’s at in his rehab:

“He’s thrown seventy five pitches in a simulated game the other day. He’s velocity is starting to creep up there a little bit. He’s quite a ways away yet.”

Lucas Duda, and his flu getting worse before the game:

“Actually it did. He might have felt bad today than he did yesterday. This was the same thing that happened to Mike Nickeas. Nicky felt bad one day, felt better the next, and the third day he was really sick. It’s exactly what happened to Lucas today. Fortunately they got some medication in him. He didn’t even feel good enough to take BP today.”

Manny Acosta, who allowed three runs on six hits:

“He’s really trying too hard. He’s over throwing. Balls are in the middle of the plate. You saw two or three of replays on the hits, the balls were right down central. They might be down a little bit, but they were still down the middle…He’s coming off two good years and he’s trying to get going a little bit. He’s just got to relax the pitch.”