Transcript: Terry on today's win over the Diamondbacks

After today’s 4-3 win over Arizona, Terry Collins talked to reporters and had the following to say about:

Johan Santana, who allowed three runs on nine hits and first win of the season:

“It’s the same thing we talk about all the time with him. He competes so well even when he doesn’t have his good stuff. He doesn’t give in, he doesn’t quit. He continues to try to make pitches, continues to work the strike zone. He made a statement to me the other day, which I thought was great, and that is he’s gonna make them adjust to him. And he stays with that plan…I walked in and said congratulations and he said it’s been a long time since I’ve had one of these. So, it really and truly does mean something when they put a W next to their name.”

Santana, what he does emotionally for the team:

“That’s what aces do. They stop losing streaks. They take it upon themselves to do that. They know when times are tough, they’ve got to raise their game up. He’s that guy.”

Bobby Parnell, who pitched a scoreless eighth inning:

“We talked before the game. He has just absolutely come on to be outstanding. I think last year’s experience probably helped him a lot. I think his time with Jason Isringhausen probably helped him a lot. I think the fact that he’s realized he doesn’t have to throw a hundred, even though he can. It’s about making pitches and that’s what he’s been doing.”

Daniel Murphy, who went four for four:

“Dan is going to hit. I’m sitting here today trying to figure out when I was doing the line up, where can I put some of these guys who can start driving in some runs…I told him this morning, I said look, I’m going to put you back there and see if you can rekindle what you were doing last summer. Obviously a four for four day gets it started.”