Transcript: Terry discusses the ninth inning of today's win

After today’s 5-4 win over the Giants, Terry Collins had the following to say about:

The emotional roller coaster in the ninth inning:

“Well, obviously, when we got the three run lead, I wanted to get Frank Francisco back in there as soon as I could. They started dropping hits in, but when that ball went up in the air, I thought the game was over like everyone else. But it wasn’t.”

The dropped fly ball in the ninth inning:

“First of all, in that particular situation, the outfield has to play a little deeper because we can’t give up a double. So, Kirk’s playing back, but as well as he’s played, he’s new in this league and new in the ballpark and on a sunny day like that, he’s playing deep, and I told Ruben Tejada he’s got to go back and back as hard as he can until he’s called off. I think he thought Kirk was going to get it, and right towards the end . … I’m sure if he took his eyes off the ball, that’s probably why he over-ran it.”

Pelfrey pitching the ninth inning:

“There was [a consideration]. There were too big reasons [he wasn’t sent out there]: Number one, he was in a situation where if a couple of guys got on, … I have to go to the closer. Even though lately he has not pitched in a closing situation, he has pitched pretty good in closing situations. I wanted to get him back out there – I just said last night that the one thing that’s happened to him is he isn’t getting much work. So I wanted to get him back out. I told Mike if we got the extra run, he was going back out. If not, we were going to Frankie. …[Pelfrey] pitched like the Mike Pelfrey we know he can be, and I want that feeling to last. I don’t want him to give up two runs, and  all of a sudden they tie the game, and now I have to go get him. … I didn’t want that to happen it him.”

The closer situation:

“I’m going to talk to Frankie tomorrow. I don’t like to do too much right after the game is over. He’s not happy with what happened. Remember, we are as new at this as anybody else. When he pitched as well as he did earlier in the season, it could be something. I don’t know what it is. But I want him to understand [closing] is why he’s here. He fell behind today in counts, and that hurt him.”

Trusting Francisco and taking him out in the ninth inning:

“The trust issue came when I said ‘here’s the baseball. Go stop this.’ He’s been scuffling, and hasn’t been making pitches. I just said ‘I want someone in there who I hope will make the right pitch.’ I know Frankie is going to be fin. Again, it’s early in the season and he’s pitched so well. I think the inconsistency of the kinds of games we’ve played where he hasn’t gotten out there three days a week to get comfortable. I’m sure that has a lot to do with it.”