Transcript: Terry Collins' comments on tonight's win

After tonight’s 5-2 win over the Nationals, Terry Collins had the following to say about:

Getting to Cliff Lee early:

“That was huge, in the first inning for us. You just don’t get to guys like that. You don’t get to Cliff, you don’t get to [Roy Halladay or Cole Hamels]. … That was a great start for us.”

R.A. Dickey’s performance tonight, and what he does for the team:

“You can take it for granted. You expect it. And we do – we expect [outings like that from Dickey] and he expects it from himself. You guys have been around him and talked to him enough to know that when he takes the mound, his sole purpose is to keep the team in the game for as long as he can stay in the game. That’s the way he approaches it and it’s a great outlook, and he pitched very well tonight.”

Cliff Lee, and the team’s ability to get to him:

“I’m sure the curve ball that [Scott Hairston] was up. I’m sure he’d like to get that one back. The ball Jason Bay hit – I don’t know if it was a fastball away or where it was but Jason just took a great swing at it.”

The importance of being aggressive against Lee and altering his rhythym:

“Those kind of guys don’t get out of rhythm. What they do is they just keep coming at you. They’re never intimidated by anything so they keep coming after you and coming after you and so when you get a ball over the plate, you better hit or you’re going to strikeout. He had a lot of strikeouts tonight – once we got behind, he made his pitches and we didn’t hit him.”

His encouragement by Bay’s performance tonight:

“I feel great for Jason Bay. I’m telling you – he needed it as much as anybody. Huge hit for him and for us.”

Using Bobby Parnell after Dickey:

“[The contrast in primary pitch speed] had a lot to do with it. Plus, [Parnell] has pretty good numbers against these guys.”

Dickey’s feel and grip for the knuckleball:

“Last year, it was so cold that he really had a tough time with the grip of the knuckleball. We’ve been very very blessed during both of his starts that the weather has been pretty good, so that’s helped a lot.”

Parnell potentially being used in an eighth inning role:

“Not really. He pitches well against the Phillies. He pitches well here. We like the guys he was facing, so we ran him in there.”

The team’s aggressiveness at the plate:

“You cannot let good pitchers dominate you. … They’re going to get ahead of you – that’s their whole game plan. So if you get something you can hit, you better hit it. [Roy Halladay] is the same way. Fortunately today we got some mistakes and put good swings on it.

Lucas Duda hitting to the opposite field in his last at bat:

“That’s what he’s got to start doing. He’s gotten away from using left-centerfield a bit. He has to go back – that’s a big part of his game. He’s got great power over there. That’s how he got to the big leagues, because he uses the whole field. I want him to go back to that.”

J Paul Read
J Paul Read

Best he'll end up is Hartford this year, and that's pushing it. A kid like this you want to bring along carefully, make sure he's ready to make the next step from Juniors to Pros.

Dennis Kuflik
Dennis Kuflik

Its possible, if they do not pursue many free agents

Dennis Kuflik
Dennis Kuflik

They should give him a shot to make this team out of training camp.


he isn't eligible to go to Hartford. Its either his junior team or the Rangers.