The Mets bullpen has struggled so far this season

In 23 games so far this season, the Mets bullpen has a 5.02 ERA while allowing 74 hits and 33 walks and striking out 67 in 71 1/3 innings.

The bullpen’s 5.02 ERA is the worst in the National League and third worst in baseball, and they have blown four saves in 14 statistical opportunities, which is the eighth worst in the game.



Michael Baron: The bullpen has allowed a ton of baserunners and have pitched to a lot of contact, especially lately. I know, Coors Field, and even Minute Maid Park are a hitter’s dream and are incredibly difficult to pitch in, and both Manny Acosta and Miguel Batista have been particularly terrible. But key contributors, such as Ramon Ramirez and Frank Francisco have really struggled and those struggles have dated back to Spring Training as well.

The most concerning aspect about Ramirez’s game is that good fastball velocity just hasn’t been there consistently, and has seen his strikeout rate drop substantially over last year. His peripheral statistics suggest he’s been better than the numbers indicate, but his game is about throwing hard and getting big strikeouts and not inducing contact – that big strikeout has been absent for the most part so far this season.