Terry's comments on R.A. Dickey and Ike Davis

After tonight’s 5-0 win over the Orioles, Terry Collins spoke to reporters and had the following to say about:

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R.A. Dickey’s pitching this season and the one hit against him tonight:

This guy just is amazing with that pitch, just amazing. Pitch selection’s pretty easy. It’s about command and how he commands it is unbelievable. Do I have a chance to appeal that base hit? Did anybody dive for that ball? I had a bad view.

Dickey’s success after all it took for him to get to this point:

That’s why everybody roots for him. That’s why everybody’s in his corner… All the things he had to deal with to get here. You go back two years ago, this guy didn’t make the club out of spring training – the first guy cut. And all he’s done is gotten better and better and better. I’ve never seen anything like it.

R.A. Dickey giving up hits:

I tell you, you have to talk to some of those guys that have to face him. They’ve got to tell you what it’s like to face him. We know our guys are really glad they don’t have to right now.

Ike Davis’ grand slam:

He brings something to the table. I’ve talked to two managers in the last two series and they’ve asked about Ike. One of the things they brought up is that he still scares us to death when he comes up to the plate. And they know he’s hitting .165 and that’s what he brings. When he gets it going, he’s dangerous. Right now, he’s getting it going.