'Several thousand' tickets still available for Thursday

Mets executive vice president of business operations, Dave Howard, told the New York Post that “several thousand” tickets are still available for Opening Day against the Braves.

The last time the Mets didn’t sell out a home opener was 1997, according to the report.

“It’s one of our marquee games, and we’re doing everything we can to get to a sellout,” Howard told the Post. “It’s one of the important games we have that we expect to sell out.”


Matthew Cerrone: I hope the Mets aren’t surprised by this. I mean, they finished fourth place each of the last three years, not to mention two collapses before that, all of which included firings and bizarre injuries. This winter, Jose Reyes left to sign with the Marlins during in an off-season where fans grew more and more dejected by talk of bankruptcy, legal battles and deepening sense of hopelessness encouraged by local media.

I’m going to Opening Day because it’s a tradition for me, I’m a Mets fan, thankfully I can afford to go, and I like to watch baseball. However, that’s my choice. Times are tough, the team has struggled and – considering how awesome the TV broadcast is – it’s understandable other fans might make a different choice. The laws of supply and demand suggest this will change if the Mets win and play exciting baseball throughout the summer and – more important – push towards a playoff spot. And if they don’t, it won’t change. It’s not a complicated equation and the team has to know this.

Hopefully, Thursday against the Braves will be the start of that new path forward. However, most things take time… and fans and the team should understand this.


To read more of Howard’s comments, read this report in the New York Post.