Sandy says he could expand payroll this summer

“The nice thing about the trade deadline is you’re only paying half the salary or less, maybe a third of the salary. So a lot of good players can become available during that time frame. Certainly I do believe, yeah, if we’re in contention for a wild card or what have you, we definitely could be looking to add to our club.”

~ Sandy Alderson, as quoted by Mike Kerwick in the Bergen Record


Michael Baron: Ultimately, a team’s ability to draw at the ballpark is a function of their ability to win. That goes for most teams in most sports all around the world. So, if you buy into the notion at least part of the team’s financial struggles are based on the fact they have not won and therefore have not drawn at the ballpark recently, then it’s safe to assume the payroll can expand if the team is contending; presumably they will be drawing better at the gate as a result of winning. Of course, this scenario, in it’s entirety, remains to be seen.


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