Sandy Alderson's comments about the team's good start

In a report for FOX Sports, Sandy Alderson told Ken Rosenthal:

“We’ve played 5 percent of the season. But we’re hoping with what happened over the first 10 days or so, people will begin to see the potential of this team differently than they did in spring training.”

The Mets are 6-3 and a win tonight would mark their fourth best start in club history – they started 8-2 in 1972, 1985, and 2006.


Michael Baron: Outside of the final two games in the series against Washington, the Mets have been very crisp and have pitched very well overall. Of course, it’s only nine games and while things have been encouraging so far, I am interested to see how this team responds to tougher times, which they will undoubtedly encounter. Ultimately, a good start will probably be forgotten if the team does not continue to play well. But if they can respond to adversity, a losing streak, a distraction or all three by playing consistently and getting back to what they can do well, this team should be better than advertised over the long haul.


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