Ruben Tejada's 10 hits, now batting better than Reyes

Ruben Tejada had 10 hits during the team’s recent three-game series against the Rockies in Colorado.

Tejada is batting .310 with a .366 OBP, 8 extra base hits, 8 RBI, 1 stolen base and 13 runs scored in 21 games for the Mets this season.

“He’s starting to do the things that they’ve been practicing, and that is not to worry about hitting for power, but spraying the ball around, using the middle of the field,” Terry Collins explained to reporters after the game. “Last year, when he was most successful, he went to right-center field, and that’s what he did this series and he got a lot of hits.”


Jon Scippa: Tejada has maintained a .310 BABIP over his short major league career. One factor contributing to this number is Tejada’s high line drive rate. Last year he ranked fifth in line drive percentage (23.7%).

Tejada now has a 28.7% line drive rate on the season, 8th best in the majors. However, his BABIP is now sitting at .382.  This is probably unsustainable, especially considering he has a .227 batting average on fly balls in play (Tejada 2011: .129; League Average 2011: .176). This only amounts to a couple dozen ABs, but he’s also hitting .300 on ground balls compared to .252 last season.

Tejada could certainly be hitting the ball harder, and thus getting on base more with these grounders and liners in play. However, it’s likely that his overall line will come down throughout the season as his BABIP drops back closer to his career average.


For what it’s worth, Jose Reyes is batting .205 in 20 games with the Marlins.

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