Recap: Carlos Beltran talked to reporters about Mets, Cards

Earlier today, Cardinals OF Carlos Beltran talked to reporters after arriving in St. Lucie to play the Mets.

“Personally, it was a lot of ups and downs, personally,” Beltran said of his time with the Mets, according to MetsBlog’s Amit Badlani. “We had good teams, but we weren’t able to get to the next level and win a Championship,” he explained.

He says the Mets are ‘going young,’ and, “it will take time.” However, he doesn’t discount the Mets as competitors in 2012 because, “In this game, you never know.”

In regards to the Mets, he says Lucas Duda has the talent to be a ‘great player,’ and he will continue to get better by playing every day.

Beltran said his former Giants teammate, Andres Torres, called him to get feedback about playing in New York. He told him it is different than San Francisco, specifically in dealing with media.

In the end, though he enjoyed getting to meet and play with the people he did in New York, where he feels he had the best years of his career so far, Beltran said he is happy to be with the Cardinals.


“I think they’re going in a different direction,” Beltran said of the Mets, in an exclusive talk with “You have to be a little frustrated for the fans, knowing probably the team isn’t going to be what the fans really want to see out there. But at the end of the day, they have prospects, players who are going to be good one day. But when that day’s going to be, only God knows.”

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To listen to Beltran’s talk with reporters today in PSL, click play below: