Read: The Ghost of Reyes

In a must-read report for the New York Post, Kevin Kernan writes about Jose Reyes and his leg injury, while wondering about the shortstop’s future.

“Jose is all about his legs,” an anonymous Mets player told Kernan.  “If he doesn’t have his legs, he doesn’t have anything.”

According to Kernan, it’s a strong possibility Reyes will have to undergo surgery, yet ‘no one’ knows for sure if he will be ready next spring.

in some ways, this is the definitive report for the 2009 Mets, as so much of what plagued the team this season is embodied in kernan’s story…

…if kernan is correct, and the Mets have questions about jose’s involvement next season, it’s just another reason why the team should push hard for Carl Crawford… the thing is, crawford does not provide the missing power in the lineup… i am not yet sure what the best path forward is, but crawford would provide additional speed at the top of the order – and would insure against any setbacks for reyes

This weekend, Jerry Manuel said, “Jose Reyes,” when asked to name the most difficult player to have lost this season, “No doubt about it.”

manuel actually stumbled a bit, seemingly confused and depressed while answering because of all the ups and downs during injury, pointing out how reyes was supposed to be back at the All-Star break, then he was supposed to be back in August, and yet, today, there is still no real clarification… manuel did say, however, he would have no problem if reyes wanted to play Winter Ball, so to be 100–percent ready for spring training…