Read: Piazza Fits Well With Youthful A's

Jerry Crasnick on profiles Mike Piazza‘s experience in the youthful Oakland A’s clubhouse.

Crasnick describes how Piazza, with his quick wit, is a welcome addition to the offbeat Oakland clubhouse. Piazza
enjoys the carefree environment, and the lack of pecking order. Mike tells
Crasnick he has trouble hazing the rookies because they outnumber him 6
to 1.

The article also discusses Piazza’s acclimation to designated hitter,
and how he misses some of the nuances of being a catcher full time.

“Metal” Mike, as he was know when he used to appear on his friend Eddie Trunk’s heavy metal radio show, lends some advice to his closer Huston Street to not go the obvious route in picking his intro music with AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” or Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” and offers up a great choice in Alice In Chain’s “Man In The Box”

…clever, i like it, and there’s even the line in the song where Layne Staley sings ‘won’t you come and save me’…