Read: ESPN's Jayson Stark on Fixing the Mets

In a report for, Jayson Stark talks with Mets GM Omar Minaya, who says he must be very creative and very open-minded about how he puts his team together for next season.

Stark talked with an NL scout, an AL and NL executive, and other experts, about how to rebuild the Mets.

In short, the group of experts seem to believe a) the Mets should ‘bite the bullet and rebuild,’ because they are not a free agent or two away from winning; b) if they do not restaff in the front office, they should certainly find a new pitching coach; and, lastly, c) they should trade one or two of their big-name players, either Carlos Beltran or Jose Reyes, and build a team of ‘grinders,’ not stars.

In the end, Stark sums up Minaya’s difficult off season as:

“The guys they could trade, they can’t bring themselves to trade. The guys they’d be happy to trade are guys nobody wants. And there aren’t nearly enough dollars in the old Wilpon checking account to solve this conundrum with money alone.”

the Mets need a three-year, re-building plan… the thing is, though i believe Mets fans are willing to see them through it, assuming the team is clear about what they’re doing, i don’t think ownership is willing because of SNY and Citi Field

…the good news, though, is they have enough core talent, like David Wright, reyes, beltran, Johan Santana, Francisco Rodriguez, etc., that by making subtle moves, changes, all under an over-arching philosophy, i believe they’ll be able to rebuild and compete at the same time…

…forgive me if you’ve heard me say this before, but, before that happens, they need a plan, they need an idea of what type of team they want to be, what is this organization, they need to know what they want to be, what they’re about, and from that brand, from that idea, all future decisions are made

For more, check out Ted Berg’s recent column for SNY.TV, where he says the Mets should stop trading young players in droves before they reach maturity.