Reaction to Terry Collins rant about recent injuries

Terry Collins talked quickly with reporters today and expressed frustration with the team’s recent spat of injuries, saying, “I’m just getting tired of going in the training room where I’ve got to sweat to see who can walk out of there,” according to MetsBlog’s Amit Badlani.

SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt characterized Collins as ‘blowing a gasket,’ while Mike Kerwick of the Bergen Record said Collins was ‘fired up.’

“It’s not serious,” Collins said, regarding Ruben Tejada being out of today’s lineup with a groin injury. “It doesn’t have to be here. … You need an aspirin, you’re off for a day.”

According to Badlani, who was present for the conversation, Collins was not yelling, but instead slightly raised his voice and seemed frustrated.


Matthew Cerrone: This is frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. Frankly, I’d much rather these guys rest now and be totally ready for when the bell rings in April. For Terry, I’m sure being unable to get these guys all playing on the same field, where they can get a feel for being teammates and build some on-field camaraderie, is a bigger deal than the actual legitimacy of the specific injuries, which are not uncommon.

In a discussion on Twitter, injury expert Will Carroll told me these sorts of injuries are not uncommon this time of year in baseball. “You’d rather not have them,” he said, “But these do not seem that bad.”

Also on Twitter,’s Anthony DiComo estimated that 14 of 55 Mets players have suffered some sort of injury this spring, which Carroll sees as a bit high compared to other teams.

However, he adds, it’s more about how you heal and leave Spring Training than anything else…

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