Quote: John Maine on One Pitch

John Maine, who had another up-and-down start, was hanging on to a 3-2 lead in the 6th inning with Casey Blake at the plate and two men on base.

Maine, speaking to reporters after the game, said one bad pitch did him in:

“It’s always one pitch.  I hung it, and it was a bad pitch.  The worst-case scenario is a home run, and that’s what happened.  It’s just the way it seems to always go and it’s frustrating.  I just have to do a better job of concentrating.”

Added to by Matthew Cerrone:

naturally, maine is being hard on himself… he actually looked pretty good, against the best offense in the National League… he made two mistake-pitches, hanging two sliders, and both were clobbered and he paid for it… he needs to stop walking batters, especialy in advance of his errors… but, in terms of stuff, he is shwoing progress, though he is still not the pitcher he was in 2007, mentally or physically