News: Jose Reyes out 2 to 8 Weeks

In a conference call with reporters today, Omar Minaya said Jose Reyes will need 2-8 weeks until his thyroid levels stabilize and he can resume baseball activities.

According to Minaya, Reyes will not need medication and the condition should not recur as long as he makes adjustments to his diet.

He said Reyes could miss Opening Day, but he has confidence in Alex Cora and Ruben Tejada.

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According to a statement from the Mets, the additional blood tests confirmed that Reyes is hyperthyroid, and Reyes and his representatives have been informed of the results by the Mets’ physicians.

The current treatment plan calls for rest, dietary changes and refraining from athletic activity. Doctors will monitor Reyes’ thyroid levels through blood tests, and he will be cleared to resume baseball activities as soon as they are stabilized.

Omar Minaya is holding a conference call at 12:30 p.m. to further discuss the situation. I am on the call and will provide updates to this post below.

update, 12:40 p.m….

Minaya and Peter Greenberg, Reyes’ agent, are on the call. Minaya says the club does not know how long it will take for the thyroid levels to get back to normal and they do not have a specific timeframe.

Greenberg says that he views the diagnosis as good news, but said that Reyes is disappointed that he will have to be out for “weeks as opposed to days.”

…update, 12:42 p.m….

Minaya stressed that there is no medication to treat Reyes’ ailment. Greenberg says it will likely take 2-8 weeks for the levels to stabilize, but that the doctors said this was the best possible diagnosis because it’s a very treatable issue.

…update, 12:44 p.m….

Minaya says that when Reyes returns to camp, he will need to be built up again, “as far as running and those types of things,” coming off his injury. He said that this is why he went out and re-signed Alex Cora this offseason.

Reyes will stay at home in New York while he recovers. He will be tested at some time next week.

…update, 12:46 p.m….

According to Greenberg, doctors have no doubt that Reyes’ thyroid levels will return to normal as long as he doesn’t significantly increase his heartrate or eat seafood. Doctors said he is unlikely to endure a recurrence.

Both Greenberg and Minaya have stated that Reyes is “in the best shape of his life.”

…update, 12:47 p.m….

Greenberg said that Reyes did exercise on Monday and Tuesday, but has since learned that he needs to “completely shut it down,” and for now will “just watch a lot of movies with his family.”

…update, 12:50 p.m….

Minaya admitted, “the reality is, it doesn’t look good,” for Reyes opening the season with the Mets, and said that though he will not commit to Reyes starting the season on the Disabled List, the club will prepare for that.

…update, 12:52 p.m….

And we’re done. This concludes today’s conference call.