NYP says Hagin not expected back to Mets radio booth

Mike Puma of the New York Post says WFAN recently auditioned Jim Duquette for a spot in the Mets radio booth next season, since “Wayne Hagin is not expected to return.”

According to the report, Billy Sample, WFAN reporter Ed Coleman and SNY host Chris Carlin are also being considered.

In 2008, Hagin replaced Tom McCarthy, who replaced Gary Cohen when he left WFAN to join SNY’s TV booth for the 2006 season.


Matthew Cerrone: I’ve been told WFAN has a short-list together, and I suspect it is comprised of the people mentioned by Puma.

I’ve always been under the impression that Coleman doesn’t want the gig, as he’d prefer to keep being the radio station’s beat reporter. Also, similarly, I assume Carlin would prefer his current position hosting the team’s pre- and post-game show for SNY, as well as co-hosting Loud Mouths. In that case, I’d prefer Duquette as a color. He is very good on SiriusXM. Also, as strong as Sample can be as a broadcaster, he has a similar mid-western, pastural cadence to Hagin. Whereas Duquette might better capture the same passion for the Mets that Howie, Gary Cohen, and you and I have, since he knows this team and city quite well.

By the way, I wish the team and WFAN had at least considered Toby Hyde, who is a passionate Mets fan and veteran radio voice for a variety of minor-league teams. In addition to his role writing about the farm system for SNY’s Mets Minor League blog, Toby is currently broadcasting games for the Mets Low-C affiliate in Savannah. Hopefully next time he will get a call…